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The Shining and Room 237

Posted on May 27, 2013 by in Horror, Stanley Kubrick |


With the recent release of the very fun documentary “Room 237”, I decided to go back and check out Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” again.  It had been at least a decade since I saw it, and I wanted to see how it holds up as I age.

The Shining still holds up as a masterpiece in my mind, and is still one of my favorite movies.  The long shots of the magnificent hotel, the quiet scenes of all the characters descending into each of their disturbing states, and the  messages that are just out of reach that call us as viewers to hear compelled me just as they did in my first viewing.  On an emotional level, I have the strangest reactions to this movie.  I actually want to be in that hotel on the one hand.  I mean, I see it from the eyes of child Danny’s age.  What kid wouldn’t (at least initially) be totally stoked to have an entire hotel to themselves as a playground.  The imagined possibilities, at least at the beginning, could very well be endless.